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The Old Dominion is a treasure trove for lovers of US History, beginning with the founding of Jamestown in 1607 and the British Colonial period, and extending through the American Revolutionary War and the US Civil War, to the modern times of the State of Virginia.

This web site is devoted to photography of historical sites and history-related events principally in Virginia, and using, as possible, vintage stereo, medium-format or other film cameras. The photography is purely amateur in nature, and to date it has been driven purely by personal interest and the happenstance of occasions drawing my family and me to different locales in and around the Commonwealth. Looking forward, however, I would welcome invitations to history-related sites, events, and reenactments in Virginia that I might capture on film and subsequently share with the event organizers and others. Individuals with a keen interest in Virginia and US history are also welcome to contact me about history-theme photo projects that might be pursued using a vintage stereo or medium-format camera in combination with black-and-white or color film, or a modern 3D digital camera.




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Current Portfolios

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New!  Battle of Ft. Stevens Commemoration, Washington, DC, July 2017

New!  Confederate Cemetery & Memorials, Warrenton, VA, Jun 2017

Updated!  Arlington House Visitors Recreate Historic Photo

Falls Church Civil War Day, May 2017

Wellington House, River Farm, Alexandria, VA, Apr 2017
(American Horticultural Society Headquarters)


Washington National Cathedral, Mar 2017

Arlington House Victorian Dance Society Rehearsal, Arlington, VA, Mar 2017

Mt Washington - Hoxton House, Alexandria, VA, Nov 2016

Audley Plantation, Berryville, VA, Oct 2016

Updated!  Mt Vernon Candids  ♦  Mt Vernon Colonial Fair, Sept 2016

Syphax Wedding Reenactment, Arlington House, June 2016

Arlington Mill Encampment, June 2016


George Washington's Mt Vernon Then and Now

Fairfax Civil War Day 2016 -- Fairfax, VA

Arlington Cemetery Then and Now
(Preservation Arlington Guest Post)

Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) -- Then & Now  ♦  ANC -- Then (1864-1910)

Surrender at Appomattox Observance, April 9, 2015 -- Arlington, VA

Winchester Battlefields & Other Sites -- Winchester, VA

Virginia Military Institute & Stonewall Jackson -- Lexington, VA

"We Have a Claim to This Estate" -- African American History at Arlington House

Help Identify This Man!  Dapper Civil War Gentleman -- Arlington, VA

Battle of Ft Stevens, 150th Reenactment -- Ft Ward, Alexandria, VA

Fairfax Civil War Day 2014, Fairfax, VA

Updated! Old Ceres Images  ♦  Bland County Court House, Bland, VA 

Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA  ♦  Huntley Manor, Alexandria, VA

The Clara Barton House, Glen Echo, MD  ♦  Fort Washington, MD

UDC Commemoration of Robert E. Lee Birth, US Capitol

Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg, VA

Fort Monroe & Casemate Museum, Ft Monroe, VA

Washington Lee University & Lee Chapel, Lexington, VA

Kentuck Knob, Fallingwater & Covered Bridges, Fayette & Somerset Counties, PA

Fort Necessity & Braddock's Grave along Old National Road, PA

Friendship Hill, New Geneva, PA  ♦  Inne at Watson's Choice, Uniontown, PA

Woodlawn Plantation & Pohick Church, Fairfax County, VA

President Lincoln's Cottage at the Soldiers' Home, Washington, DC

Arlington House Perspectives in 3D
Arlington House Rededication    Yorktown High School Visit to Arlington House

Glencoe Museum in 3D    Fort CF Smith Recruiting Day in 3D

Bull Run Winery, Centreville, VA

Old Ceres Images  ♦  Groseclose Family Reunion 2012

Cartes de Visite & Portraits  ♦  CDVs by Mary Custis Lee

Earlier Portfolios

Colonial Williamsburg

Mount Vernon    Arlington  ♦  Falls Church

Appomattox Court House    Poplar Forest

Groseclose Family Reunion 2012  ♦  Hollister Street Candids

Recruiting Day at Ft Ward, 3rd US Infantry (Co K)

US Telegraph Service & Balloon Corps at Ft Ward, with
Union Artillerymen & 5th VA Infantry Troops

Civil War Days 2012 -- Fairfax City & Falls Church

49th VA Infantry Encampment at Mt Olivet Church

Washington, DC  ♦  White's Ferry  ♦  Ft Stevens & Battleground Cemetery

Piedmont & Southwest Virginia Portfolios

New!  Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Lexington, VA, Oct 2017

Updated!  Washington Lee University & Lee Chapel, Lexington, VA

New!  Museum of the Civil War, New Market, VA, Oct 2017

 New!  Train Depot, Rural Retreat, VA, Oct 2017

New!  Sharon Lutheran Church Cemetery, Ceres, VA, Oct 2017

Updated! Old Ceres Images  ♦  Bland County Court House, Bland, VA 


Pacific Northwest Portfolios

New!  D.P. Shrewsberry Stereoviews, c.1910    D.P. Shrewsberry: A Personal Story of Discovery, 2017

Old Snohomish, Then & Now    GAR Cemetery, Snohomish, WA

Watch for Updates & Additions!

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The stereoview images in the photo portfolios presented here are, in a number of cases,
formatted for viewing by the so-called cross-eyed viewing method. That is, the image
captured by the right camera lens is presented on the left, and the image captured
by the left camera lens is presented on the right. Printed versions of these
stereoview cards may require the images to be reversed in order to be
viewed successfully using a traditional stereoscope or other stereo card viewer.
However, the most recent stereoview images in the portfolios presented here
are formatted for viewing by the traditional parallel viewing method, and the
printed stereoview cards made from these images may be viewed using Holmes
stereoscopes and other traditional-style stereo card viewers.

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